The No B.S. guide to becoming a faster athlete

It’s the morning for the game…

You get ready and had your pre-game warmup. Your touch is feeling on point

But when you get on the field, you’re getting outran by everyone.

Don’t worry, I was worse - the little 5-year-olds would laugh at me during hill sprints

But I’ve now got a 4:30 mile run and 1:15 400m sprint. (And a 35 inch vertical)

With a simple training process. Now I’m NOT saying you’ll magically run faster if you follow this routine cuz that’s a load o’ crap.

But I GUARANTEE you’ll increase your speed gains if you follow my routine

(#3’s my fav)


  1. Proper warm-up

If you’re thinking of static stretches like touching your toes or doing the splits you’ve been lied to by your coaches.

That’s the biggest pile of shit in the sports world

Wanna know what actually helps you lift heavier weight, be more explosive and reduce injury risk?

Not doing any stretches.

“So what do I do Cayden?”

Ramp-up the weight for the exercise you’re gonna perform.

When I have a set of squats at 305lbs, I go the bar, 135lbs, 225lbs, 285lbs and then my working set: 305lbs.

Remember, keep the intensity low.



1. Real athletic training

Not the bicep curls or bench press. You need explosive training - low reps and high intent.

This question will tell you why.

Whos’ faster? Usain Bolt or Chris Bumstead?

One trains their fast twitch muscles (explosive muscles) and one doesn’t.

Now, I’m not saying to ditch the bodybuilding exercises, but you should be starting your workouts with and focusing on explosive movements.

Here’s what my speed-focused leg day looks like:

  • Explosive squats 
  • Explosive Bulgarian split squats (one-leg lunges on a bench)
  • Power clean
  • Landmine squat to press 

Remember it’s nothing crazy complicated and I have explosive intent during these exercises.

(I’ll go over this exact workout in a later blog)




2. Cool down

Yeah, I know you’re probably tired after sprints but it’s essential for those speed gains. I also used to ignore them for the longest time.

Your fast twitch muscles recover the same way your other muscles do.

I also don’t mean anything too serious, just 5 minutes of light biking or jogging will do you miracles in the long run.

Because think about it, how does your nervous system properly shift from almost dying of breath with beaten legs to just chilling?

And don’t forget it in your lifts too. 



3. Post-workout fuel 

Be honest with yourself, do you eat like crap after workouts? Or do you skip your meals after? Well if so then you’re missing out on a ton of gains.

Nutrition is key for recovery, recovery is key for progress. 

So put the oreos away and get some fast digestive carbs & protein in your mouth max 4 hours after your workouts.

Water is also key to replenish your body’s water since you just sweated a ton.



4. My favorite part 

Laying back on the sofa with my post-workout fuel watching game film or Netflix….

With my legs extended out and getting massaged by my massage gun.

Can’t go wrong without it.

But I’m warning you, if you buy it and half-ass your training you’re better off eating chips and playing games all day.

It’s only a supplement to your training to maximize your progress, not do the work for you.

But if you’re committed, here’s a cheap and high quality gun.